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What Type of PC User Are You? People are all different and their computer needs are all different. That's why an off-the-shelf (one size fits all) computer may not be the correct choice. Below you will find a short explanation of different types of computer users and why a custom configured PC would be an excellent decision.  Click Here

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Feature Article

What Type of PC User Are You?

Although more and more computer users opt for the mobility of laptops, tablets, and pads', no one can deny the advantage we get from a good desktop computer. What is good about desktop computers is the fact that it is easier to configure, upgrade, and expand depending on your computing needs. In purchasing the perfect desktop computer, consider the type of computer user you are.

Standard Users. Most home desktop computers are used to ease a userís everyday task from Internet shopping to messaging to word processing. This type of user does not need applications and utilities that can use up a lot of disk space and memory. Any Intel or AMD processor available in the market today will do for a standard user. Since memory and hard disk are not a problem, One or two gigabytes of memory usually does the job perfectly and a minimum of 200GB hard disk will suffice.

Business Users. For some people, the convenience of desktop computers does not stop at home. Business professionals use a trusty desktop PC to conduct regular contacts with clients. A spacious hard drive is needed to store important documents and files for future use and a reliable remote storage capability for large volumes of data is a necessity. Business users, therefore, need a mid-range processor. At least 1TB of hard drive is needed to install word processing, and database management applications as well as to store huge volumes of files. A CD-RW or DVD-RW adds additional and back up storage for important data.

Creative/Multimedia Users. This type of computer user can be considered as a computer power user as creative endeavors would require a high end processor for a reliable interface. 8GB of memory for efficiency, 2TB or more hard drive for storage of large multimedia files, and a large LCD monitor for the viewing experience. Creative users need the beauty of technology to create art.

Family Users. Most desktop computers at home have to be versatile enough to suit the needs of each family member. It means that the hard drive should at least store a minimum of 1TB so that Dad can take home office work, Mom can perform home video editing, Johnny can get the best gaming experience and Cindy can regularly update her blog. Such usage also requires an capable processor, 2GB memory, good video card, and a DVD-RW.

Student Users. Notebooks are still best for a student user because of being handy and stylish. But with the drastically increasing cost of college education, most parents would opt to get their precious children a desktop computer in their home away from home. A typical student user only needs the features of a standard computer to perform word processing, messaging and research needs. Actually, the need of a student user still varies on the course of study. If you are a student of art, you may need to get a computer that suits your multimedia needs. If you need extensive research and presentation, your computer should be set up that way. The most important thing about a studentís computer is the reliability of the parts. A studentís worst nightmare is when the computer suddenly crash and you have a presentation due tomorrow morning.

Now that you know the type of computer user you are, you probably have an idea on what to look for in your desktop computer. The next thing you have to consider is the reliability of the brand you are going to purchase and of course, the affordability of the price. Just remember that you donít have to settle for an off-the-shelf computer. We can custom build a desktop computer to fit your exact needs.



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