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Ways To Stop Or At Least Minimize Spam. SPAM mail is a continuing problem that is not going away anytime soon. All we can do is try to minimize the amount of mail we receive.     Click Here

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Feature Article


Ways To Stop Or At Least Minimize Spam

Spam, unsolicited junk email, is a problem. We all get it in our mailboxes and inboxes almost every day. Here are some things that you can do to stop, or at least minimize, the junk.

Never Respond To Spam

You should never respond to spam; if you do, you're letting the advertiser know that there’s a real, live person at the end of the email address and you may get even more junk email. Unless you actually respond, advertisers who send spam have no way of knowing whether or not you open and read their messages.

Junk email often have details about how to remove your name from a mailing list in the body of the message. This can be anything from replying to the sender with the words unsubscribe in the subject line to going to a Web site. Never respond to spam! While advertisers from legitimate businesses will usually take your name off their mailing lists, with spammers, when you try to unsubscribe you’re really just confirming your e-mail address and you're likely to wind up on more spammers' lists of valid accounts.

Use Another Email Address for Spam Magnets

Consider using other email addresses – this will at least minimize spam in your main in-box. Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer five to seven free e-mail accounts with their basic service, and there are always free email accounts that you can sign up for.

If you use extra addresses you can keep your main address almost completely spam-free. Only give it out to people you know, such as friends and family. Don’t use your main e-mail address or screen name in chat rooms, message boards or other public places. Use one of the other e-mail addresses on shopping sites.

If you reserve your main address for personal and business emails, it's much less likely to get into the hands of spammers. Set up an address exclusively for fun and worthwhile activities online that are spam magnets--such as discussion boards. If you set up an address just for these, you can then give out that address--instead of your main address--any time you do something that may generate Spam. Use it when you register at Web sites, enter a chat room, or post messages to discussion lists or newsgroups. If you keep this address just for junk mail, you'll only have to check the mail there occasionally, to delete all the spam.

Create a New Address

If the spam in your in-box has gotten out of control, you might think about creating a brand new e-mail address. Your email address can play a big role in the amount of Spam you receive. If your e-mail address has a combination of letters and numbers it will make it harder for spammers to get. For example, "" Adding numbers to your email address--preferably between your first name and last name--can sometimes outwit spammers who use auto-generators to try to guess every combination of common names, like "John,” "Jon"," " Johnny," "Jonny," "John101," etc.

Report Spammers, When Possible

For most people, spam is somewhat irritating, but to Internet Service Providers, it's a huge problem. All that spam takes a tremendous amount of resources (which, of course, increases the prices that we have to pay for Internet access). If you'd like to help stop spam, you can do so. Before you do anything else, report spammers to your ISP.

If you are an America OnLine member, you can forward junk mail that comes from other AOL members to screen name TOSSpam or TOSReports. If the spam comes from a non-AOL account, forward the message to TOSEmail1. If you get a message with a suspicious-looking file attachment or an inappropriate graphic, forward the entire e-mail TOSFiles.

For other email services, check with your Internet Service Provider for any steps they may have that can be used to report Spam.

Junk e-mail or SPAM has been around since the beginning and unfortunately is only going to get worse as more people use e-mail as a primary form of communication.

If you belong to one of the many large services such as AOL, MSN, CompuServe, Prodigy, Hotmail or Juno you are much more likely to receive large quantities of SPAM because these services are targeted by SPAMMERS (people and businesses who send junk email). If you belong to a small regional ISP, your chance of getting large volumes of SPAM is more closely tied to your behavior while on-line.

Typically, a sure way to get junk mail is to give out your e-mail address to websites that request it. Do things a little differently and you can minimize the amount of junk e-mail that you receive.


Here are some tips that may help reduce the amount of spam you receive:

Don't Give Your Primary E-Mail Address To Anyone Who Is Selling Anything

Sign up for one of the many free e-mail services such as Hotmail ( or Lycos ( and use that address for any of your on-line purchases. By doing this, you keep junk mail out of your primary account and if the junk mail becomes too much, simply stop using that free account and start another.

If you want to be able to track who is selling your e-mail address, use a different e-mail address for each of your merchants. For example, create a Hotmail account using a unique identifiable name like and only use that account when doing business with

When signing up for these free email accounts, don't use real information about yourself, unless you explicitly trust the source.

Never Reply To A Junk E-Mail Message

Even though the message claims to be able to remove you if you reply with unsubscribe or the like, in many cases it is simply a trick to get you to verify your address.

For America Online Users

If you're an AOL member, and get spam from another AOL member, forward the email to the address TOSSPAM. Since it is against AOL's Terms of Service to send junk email to AOL members, America Online will take action against the offending member.

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