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Is Your Computer Running SLOWER Today
Then It Was One Year Ago?

Introducing PC-Tune-Up Service Agreement. What if you could pay for the service a little at a time? Painlessly pay for a PC-Tune-Up a little each month. Then, when it's time for your yearly check-up, it's already paid for.     Click Here

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Gregory Walther
Press-F1 Computer Service




  • On-Site or In-Shop Computer Repair.
  • Wired or Wireless Networking.
  • Complete Custom Computer Systems.
  • Spyware / Adware / Virus removal.
  • Data Recovery.
  • Website Design and Hosting.

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Feature Article



Is Your Computer Running
SLOWER Today Than It Was
 One Year Ago?

If So...

It is probably because of a Virus, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Trojans, Malware, Hacker Attack, Internet Scams, and/or Privacy Intrusion.

Think about it!

Sometime during the next year, you will need your computer serviced.

Your computer is just like any other machine. It needs maintenance. A well maintained machine will last much longer, run better, and not need replacing as often.

What if you could
pay for a PC-Tune-Up a little each month throughout the year?

And then, when the time comes, and you know it will, your PC-Tune-Up service is already paid for.

Hey, that's a great idea!

What if you could pay as little as $10 a month. It's almost like getting costly computer service for free.


You get a virus, your computer slows, you're getting pop-ups, you just got the dreaded "Blue Screen."

Bring your computer to our shop, have it tuned-up. No problem! You have a service agreement.

Of course there's a catch
But it's not what you think

A FREE enticement!  Buy-one-get-one. A huge incentive!
A super-duper gigantic Bonus!!

Here's the Bonus...

When you sign the service agreement, you will receive a FREE PC-Tune-Up to give to someone. This someone needs to be a new customer not in your same household.

Full details are thoroughly explained in the service contract. Call today to set an appointment.








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