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This months newsletter is a recap of the special programs we have in place. You may take advantage of any or all. Save time, protect yourself, have a free lunch.  Click Here

Our newsletter is produced and delivered in the first week of each month. Our intent is to provide you with useful information. It is not out intent to annoy you with unwanted emails. If you would rather not receive this newsletter, by all means, find the Unsubscribe link.

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Feature Article


Service Agreement

Is your computer running SLOWER today than it was One Year Ago?

Sign up for a PC Tune-Up service agreement and get a free PC Tune-Up to give to a friend. Click Here for details.

Same Day Service Guarantee

How does it work?

If you are within our service area and call us before noon on any business day, there will be a technician at your location that same day.

If you call after 12:00 noon on any business day, there will be a technician at your location by noon the following business day.

What's the guarantee?

If our technician does not arrive on time, the service call fee is waived. ($20 value)  This doesn't affect the hourly rate or the price of any parts or supplies required to complete the repair.


Free Lunch

Refer someone to us and request a free lunch. YOU will receive a $10 gift card to spend at a local restaurant. Click Here


Fund Raising

Include us in your fund raising program. When someone buys a service or PC Tune-Up, your organization will receive 25% of the service portion. Call for details.


Sponsor a Newsletter

Be the business of the month. Would you like your advertisement or message sent to more then 2000 email addresses? Sponsor a newsletter. Call for details.

eWaste Drop-Off Point

FREE ewaste recycling drop-off. We can take anything that plugs-in or runs on battery. Call for details.


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As always, if you need help with any computer issue or have a question about your computer, please call.





Sponsor a Newsletter

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