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When downloading a program or file from the Internet, should you Save or Run the file. There is a difference and could greatly impact your security.  Click Here

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When Downloading, RUN or SAVE

When you are downloading any program or file from the Internet, for example any antivirus program or an email attachment from your friends. Here you will get a dialog box with three options to Run, Save or Cancel. Basically this is confirmation from a user "Do you want to Run or Save this file", you can Cancel it to abort the downloading.

If you select the Run option, only the setup file is downloaded as temp file in your computers temporary Internet folder and your computer will run the program setup automatically without your confirmation or virus scanning. This is unsafe for your computer if you are downloading this program from any new or unknown source.

But if you select the Save option, You can save this program on your computer in any location. Now you have the full source of program on your computer, you can scan the program or file before opening it.

Another advantage of selecting the Save option is now you have the entire file on your computer for future use. This could be a big time saver if for some reason the install does not go well. You already have the file, no need to download again.

Normally you should select the Save option, if you are downloading this program from any free software sites. You have extra security layer if you save the setup file before running it.

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