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Should you buy Windows 7? If this all seems a little too confusing. Well, it is. Give us a call, we will be glad to explain. We can run a compatibility check to see if your computer is able to run Windows 7.  Click Here.

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Should you buy Windows 7?

Versions Explained...

When Microsoft released Windows XP, there were two versions: Windows XP Home and Professional. However, it seemed as though the Pro version was installed on more home PCs than the Home version. There were security and networking features in the Pro that were absent in the Home version.

When Microsoft released Vista, they decided to "simplify" things and released four versions with different feature sets. They, compared to XP's two, did nothing more than confuse everyone, especially when the features varied so greatly from version to version.

With Windows 7, Microsoft took a more Windows XP-based approach. Windows 7 is not like Windows XP or Windows Vista in which there are vast differences between one version and the next. While they technically released four versions of Windows again, only two of them are really worth your consideration.

• Windows 7 Starter Edition: This version of Windows 7 is not available for retail purchase. The only way to get this version is to purchase a Windows 7 powered netbook. Windows 7 Starter is designed to be light and fast, and doesn't have many of the features found in other Windows 7 versions.

• Windows 7 Home Premium: This is the version that 95 percent of consumers will use. WHP gives you the improved Windows 7 interface, provides enhanced desktop search, includes IE8, and provides secure home networking and file sharing within your home network. You get the Windows 7 eye candy and enhancements; can very quickly find programs, options and documents regardless of where they are; and can surf the Internet and share documents among all computers in your home. This sells for $199.99.

• Windows 7 Professional: This version does everything that Windows Home Premium does, but also provides the following capabilities:

• The ability to run an advanced compatibility mode called Windows XP Mode. It's only needed in the most extreme incompatibility cases.

• The ability to join a business network (like the one at work).

• The ability to backup your data to a network drive.

Most users won't need these extra features, and they aren't worth an extra $100, so save your money. This version sells for $299.99.

• Windows 7 Ultimate: Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate are very different. Vista Ultimate included Ultimate Extras -- a series of free, add-on applications only available with it. Sadly, they have been discontinued. Vista Ultimate also included DVD decoders (so you could watch a DVD on your PC without having to buy any other program), as well as some other not often used features. Most of these are built into WHP.

Windows 7 Ultimate offers just two additional features over Windows 7 Professional: BitLocker (a data security add-on) and the ability to have Windows 7 display in one of 35 languages. Unless you must run Windows 7 in a foreign language, there is absolutely no reason to spend the extra $120, so again, save your money. Windows 7 Ultimate is $319.99

Over the years, Microsoft hasn't made it easy to choose the right version of Windows for your home computing needs. With Windows 7, Microsoft has made it much easier. Unless you have specific computing needs as outlined above, all you need is Windows 7 Home Premium.

Can My Computer Be Upgraded?

If you purchased your PC within the last year or two you may be able to upgrade to Windows 7 to take advantage of its new features. You can read about the new features on Microsoft’s site, at “Windows 7 features.”

Current Windows XP users will continue to receive Windows updates such as security patches and critical fixes through April 8, 2014. Vista users will be supported for quite some time also. Whether you are running XP or Vista you can continue doing so without losing your e-mail programs such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail. In fact, if you are happy with your current setup you can ignore the new Windows 7.

Before you even think about upgrading to Windows 7, you should do the following.  Bring your computer to us and have it evaluated to make sure it's able to run the new operating system.

When the time is right, installing the new operating system and transferring your user data is fairly pain free. We can help you with that if you would like.

For those of you that purchased a new PC on or after June 26, 2009, you may be entitled to a free Windows 7 upgrade from your manufacturer. See for details. This offer expires on Jan. 31, 2010.

If you have a particular question or subject in mind, send me a note and I will share some information on the subject. Reader input is the key to a useful newsletter.

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