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Let's take a look at what a password can and cannot do. A password can protect your computer and files if other settings are set correctly. See details in article below.  Click Here

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Is Your Password Really Protecting You?

Windows XP uses the password as its access control in allowing a user to log into Windows. If you donít use a password for your ID in Windows, anyone trying to log into your machine using your account will be able to do so.

That might happen when a child starts or reboots the computer. Without a password or a substitute control (like a fingerprint reader), anyone booting the computer will start up Windows just as you do.

Another place that a lack of a password can hurt is on Windows File & Printer Sharing, which uses user IDís and passwords to control who gets to access files and printers.

If you have the Guest User turned off, anyone who does not have a user ID and password on your computer that matches the user ID and password theyíre using on their computer, wonít be able to access your files or printer. If you turn the Guest user account on, they can access the printer as Guest, regardless of what user ID and password theyíre using.

Protection from the network side of the computer needs to include two major items. First, if you are using anything other than a dialup account (not that itís not needed for dialup, it just doesnít work with dialup!), you need a router to isolate your computer from access initiated from the Internet. If someone canít get to your computer, they canít access it.

Second, you need a good two-way firewall program. A two-way firewall will block or control access to your computer that originates on another computer. It will also block or control access by programs running on your computer when they try to talk to the Internet or another computer on a home network.

That way, if your computer gets compromised by adware, spyware, a worm or other malware, the firewall program will help prevent the problem from getting worse.

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