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Internet / Personal Security.

These days security is important to everyone. Many of my newsletters are about security and ways to keep yourself safe on the Internet. Be aware of the security of your personal information.    Click Here

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Feature Article

Here are some links to articles about security. Identity thieves are everywhere. It's not only the criminals we need to worry about. Our US government is the largest identity thief there is. To them, Social Networking is the greatest thing that could ever be.

The FBI is compiling a database that includes every US citizen. Information you post on the Internet is being collected and included in your personal file. They now have your picture, pictures of your children, of your friends, what you wear, where you go, where you shop.

What I'm saying here is BE CAREFUL. The information in the FBI database Can and Will be used against you.

The second article suggests how easy it is for criminals to gain access to FBI information and your personal information fall into the wrong hands.


How Feds Are Tracking Us

FBI has data on 12 million iPhone/iPad users


These articles are third party information. I do not fully agree or disagree with any information included in their article. It's the responsibility of each reader to make their own conclusion.

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